Corrosion Management System

The Scope of Work

Corrosion was identified as one of the biggest risks to the operator. No individual pipeline corrosion risk assessments were complete. The system contains multiple flowline and pipeline configurations operating under various pressure and temperature ranges. The scope involved developing and implementing a new Corrosion Management System and also Corrosion Management Manuals specifying exactly how corrosion risk is to be managed and how to complete corrosion risk assessments and identify appropriate mitigation.

The CMS is based on a system co-developed by our Technical Director and presented at the NACE 2014 conference.

The Challenges

Ensuring that the correct input values are selected for the assessment is critical to the success of any corrosion control program as is understanding how the data is collected and sampled and how the system operates. This is overcome through recognising that corrosion management is a team effort and identifying and engaging key internal and external stakeholders. It also helps that our corrosion engineer has over 30 years of relevant practical experience.

The Deliverable

A new Corrosion Management System and detailed manuals and assessment sheets were successfully developed for both internal and external corrosion. Corrosion Risk Assessments are underway.

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