Critical Defect Response Manual

The Scope of Work

The aim of this study was to create a user-friendly manual to allow the client to quickly assess any defect type along a number of pipelines which are considered critical to production. The manual considered every potential scenario and gave guidance on immediate response actions for each scenario with significant operational considerations.

The Challenges

This main challenge in this study was to condense a significant quantity of scenarios and follow up responses into a single, easy to use document. It quickly became clear that the best way to do this was via a physical manual. The manual was divided into 4 easy to following steps, which walked the user through each assessment so any necessary response plan can be identified and implemented.

The Deliverable

Origin delivered a manual in-line with our unique branding and surpassed client expectations. Tabs listing chart numbers, response plans and actions were layered within each step. The manual contained over 50 assessment charts, each systematically linked to a particular scenario response plan. The manual was printed on card and coated in plastic to allow the user to temporarily assess critical defects on a particular chart and erase after use.

The manual is currently being used to safely assess the criticality of any reported anomalies, identify any required response plan thus minimising downtime and maximising production. A must have for any operator!

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