Emergency Shut-down Valve Assessment

The Scope of Work

Emergency shut-down valves are some of the most important equipment on an installation and must be inspected and maintained to ensure they operate on demand and meet their Performance Standard. It is also essential to ensure that suitable critical spares are available and contingency plans are in place to deal with failures should they arise.

Our scope was to review the current operational practice for an operator with regards to ESDV and SSIV management and to develop a new ESDV management philosophy. This including developing data books for the valves, tending test results, critically reviewing how ESDV data is recorded and trended and ensuring that the Performance Standards are up to date and appropriate to mitigate the identified major accident hazards.

The Challenges

Although test records were available there was limited information on the valves themselves. We contacted the suppliers and manufacturers directly and built a comprehensive data book for each valve which now acts as a permanent record. Although Performance Standards were in place there was limited evidence for how they were derived and so a QRA was undertaken by others, but under our supervision to revise the performance standards.

The Deliverable

A completely revised ESDV and SSIV inspection and maintenance manual complete with fully trended results and critical spares assessment.

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