Fitness for Service Assessment of 20” oil production pipeline

The Scope of Work

An MFL intelligent pig inspection identified a number of internal and external corrosion defects. We were asked to evaluate the immediate and future integrity of the pipeline and to make clear recommendations for future inspection and integrity management activities to ensure continued safe operation.

The work included a review of two sets of intelligent pig data (historical and current inspection) to confirm corrosion growth rates.

The Challenges

Delivering a concise graphical summary for the whole project. Evaluating the likelihood of EAC and accurately defining credible corrosion rates along the whole pipeline (overcome by splitting up the pipeline into many segments). Defining the leak/rupture boundary with respect to sour service operation and crack initiated rupture would be another one.

The Deliverable

A concise integrity report was delivered which included a holistic review of the pipeline not just the intelligent pig results. Results were correlated with other inspection data as well as operating history and chemical and pigging performance.

The report was supplemented with our unique interactive summary deliverable enabling rapid access to the assessment results. This actually removed the need for the client to prepare their own presentation for management saving both time and money.


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