Subsea Intervention Management

The Scope of Work

Overall Project and Commercial Management for the recovery of 600 meters of dropped drill casing from the seabed 100 meters below.

This was carried out utilising a Remotely Operated Vehicle equipped Dive Support Vessel, subsea shears and grapple along with collection baskets.

The scope of work was to fully project manage the operation including overall safety management, engineering works, managing 3rd parties, and vessel and commercial management.

The Challenges

Safety was of the highest concern due to the large types of equipment being used in inclement weather.
Previous attempts had been unsuccessful due to incorrect selection of equipment and environmental challenges.

Also, management of a number of subcontractors required very clear work scopes were provided to all ensuring all parties we aiming to achieve the same goal.

The Deliverable

The project was carried out safely, successfully and to schedule meaning budgets were adhered to. The sea bed was left with minimal disruption to ensure all concerned authorities were satisfied.


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