Unexploded Ordnance Risk Assessment

The Scope of Work

Assessment of the risk of an Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) to a live gas pipeline. Routine survey identified a UXO within the vicinity of live gas pipeline. As part of the UXO removal process we were asked to quantify the risk to the pipeline in the event of an un-planned detonation and to calculate the minimum safe distance from the pipeline to enable disposal.

The Challenges

The work required a fast turnaround and custom analysis sheets needed to be developed. There were multiple parties involved, each requiring different levels of assurance of the risks involved in the operation.

The Deliverable

Custom calculation sheets were developed to determine the blast energy and impact on the pipeline utilising industry guideance for underwater explosions combined with pipeline engineering practice. A fast turnaround was provided which met the needs of all parties involved including pipeline operators, insurance underwriters and the ordnance contractor.

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