Inspection, Planning and Management

Following industry best practice and adhering to applicable standards, we offer an extensive range of reliable and innovative inspection planning and management services, which can be delivered on an individual basis, or as a full turnkey solution.

Inspection provides intelligence about the asset and it is this intelligence that allows integrity decisions to be made. Understanding the purpose of why and what is being inspected, and then how to manage and use the data, ultimately saves money. Our team supports our customers in preparation and tender support through to full work pack preparation, HIRA/HAZIDs and actual on-site execution management (client representative).

Working with an impressive portfolio of clients across the globe, we have unrivalled experience in successfully planning and executing a wide-range of inspection projects. These have included offshore dynamic riser inspection using UT, Magnetic tools, Subsea ROV and DSV management and cleaning and intelligent pigging of pipelines.

We also perform flexible riser annulus integrity testing and repair. This specialist service is performed using our own equipment developed in-house and performed by engineers whom have designed and operated flexible pipes. We have also developed a specialist remotely controlled multi-purpose inspection vehicle RAIVTM to allow UHD visual or UT inspection of difficult to access locations:

  • Wind turbines onshore and offshore
  • Primary structural members offshore
  • Tanks and enclosed spaces.