Operations Support

We work closely with our clients to deliver a very reactive and hands-on support service to ensure all pipeline operations run at optimum performance and delivery, and in the very safest way possible.

Our practical pipeline operations services include:  

  • ESDV testing and management
  • Operational pigging
  • Pig trap inspection and maintenance
  • Topsides inspection and NDT
  • Interlock inspection and repairs and operating procedures.

Managing all aspects of an offshore system can be very time consuming and Operators face increasing challenges on a daily basis that pose threats to productivity, as well as disruption to operations. As such, our team, experienced in all aspects of the field, have the expertise and practical skills to ensure pipeline systems run reliably and efficiently, allowing our clients to save both time and money.

We also offer additional operational support services from thorough safety case reviews, bow-tie impact assessments, right through to performance standard review and development.

Inspection, Planning and Management

Following industry best practice and adhering to applicable standards, we offer an extensive range of reliable and innovative inspection planning and management services, which can be delivered on an individual basis, or as a full turnkey solution.

Inspection provides intelligence about the asset and it is this intelligence that allows integrity decisions to be made. Understanding the purpose of why and what is being inspected, and then how to manage and use the data, ultimately saves money. Our team supports our customers in preparation and tender support through to full work pack preparation, HIRA/HAZIDs and actual on-site execution management (client representative).

Working with an impressive portfolio of clients across the globe, we have unrivalled experience in successfully planning and executing a wide-range of inspection projects. These have included offshore dynamic riser inspection using UT, Magnetic tools, Subsea ROV and DSV management and cleaning and intelligent pigging of pipelines.

We also perform flexible riser annulus integrity testing and repair. This specialist service is performed using our own equipment developed in-house and performed by engineers whom have designed and operated flexible pipes. We have also developed a specialist remotely controlled multi-purpose inspection vehicle RAIVTM to allow UHD visual or UT inspection of difficult to access locations:

  • Wind turbines onshore and offshore
  • Primary structural members offshore
  • Tanks and enclosed spaces.

Fitness for Service

Over the years we have gained extensive practical and technical experience with ageing infrastructure. We apply this knowledge to allow our clients to make an informed decision on the ability and performance capabilities of their equipment to operate, despite potentially having flaws.

From simple pressure calculations to Finite Element Analysis, our defect assessments services meet, if not exceed, internationally recognised standards. Such measures help our clients to safely extend life of equipment, whilst avoiding hefty costs and unnecessary repairs. Being thorough and fully transparent our recommendations are always very clear and concise.

Pre-FEED Concept Engineering and Selection

We work with our clients to support with the development of Pre-FEED concept selection and optioneering to determine the best solutions that are most suitable for their needs – providing clear and objective considerations – with cost estimates and time considerations being a key deliverable. Repair, replacement or new development of assets, plant and equipment is often necessary especially for ageing infrastructure life extension.

It is very important that all factors are considered from risks and uncertainties through to budgets and schedules, as well as integration with the existing facilities. This will enable a well-defined option to be selected, that is suitable for the remnant service life.

Anomaly Management

Unless anomalies are well categorised, prioritised and actioned, failure is eventually inevitable. To eliminate risk, save time and money, we support our clients to establish and embed robust anomaly management processes and systems.

We also have the competences to carry out assessment of individual anomalies. This is delivered by our team of experts with a wealth of experience in assessing anomalies, coupled with an operational background, to fully understand the implications of how it affects operations. Our reporting always provides clear, practical and time-bound advice. 

Integrity Management Systems

Over the last nine years we have developed a proven methodology that allows us to tailor specific management systems depending on desired key outputs to meet with the needs of our clients and their ethos.

We start the process with a gap analysis and work closely with our clients to develop a prioritised shaping plan based around three key areas – People, Processes and Plant – to devise a comprehensive management system which is typically delivered over a period of three years (this is adaptable). The advantage of us performing this work is that it allows our client teams to focus on their day job and letting us take that burden away so that when the system is developed the customer can move from reactive integrity management to proactive management.

We have the capabilities to deliver full turnkey management systems from policy to procedures using a tiered system. Our team can also support with the development of key systems and manuals, such as a Pipeline Integrity Management System. 

Find out more about our approach here.  

Coatings and Cathodic Protection

Corrosion is a serious risk to the operations of plant, especially those in an offshore environment and can also cause significant cost and safety implications, should failures occur.

We provide in-depth assessments of the condition of cathodic protection and coating systems, as well as determining the effectiveness of such systems. Such measures, enable us to help our clients protect against external corrosion of wind turbines, offshore structures and pipelines, ensuring operations are safe and reliable.

Training and Competence

We transfer our technical expertise and operational experience through our comprehensive in-house training courses.

These cover all aspects of integrity management including:

  • Responsible Engineer
  • Fitness for Service and Life Extension
  • Corrosion Management
  • Risk Based Inspection
  • Integrity Management Systems.

We tailor our training programs to suit the needs of our client’s business. We also have the capabilities to provide support with checking competence of staff, contractors and vendors and can help to create robust internal competence assessment and monitoring processes.

Life Extension

It’s usual to follow a fitness for service extension with a desire to prolong an asset’s life. We are leaders in preserving ageing assets with a proven track record having managed the life extension of strategic assets internationally. Our portfolio of successfully completed life extension studies ranges from onshore plant, individual pipeline and umbilical assessments to full offshore oil fields.

With the right technology coupled with in-depth technical know-how, we have the capabilities to understand what is likely to fail, and when, allowing us to proactively establish what needs to be performed in order to ensure operations are safe and cost effective, whilst also adding years to an asset’s life.

Having life-of-field experience, our experts have developed our very own unique method of presenting results incorporating an interactive asset schematic, which allows our clients to easily understand our findings and recommendations from our in-depth assessments. This is further backed up with comprehensive detailed reports.

Corrosion Management

The management of internal and external corrosion is critical to ensure pipeline operations run efficiently and at optimum performance. Our team can provide all aspects of corrosion management from individual quantified corrosion assessments right through to the implementation and management of a complete corrosion management system.

Complying to international industry standards, we tailor our approach to each client adopting the most suitable innovative methods and techniques. To enable continuous operations and reduce any downtime, we can also support our clients with the provision of performance monitoring KPIs and preparing monthly corrosion reports.

Risk Management

We are experts in not only identifying risks, but also understanding how they operationally impact assets and consequential associated risks. Our expansive practical operation experience allows us to clearly communicate risks with our clients supported by valid and credible in-house software and processes.

Adopting our pragmatic and transparent Initial Risk Ranking screening approach, we rapidly understand our client’s key asset risks, and prioritise these so we can very quickly manage and mitigate the risks posing the highest threats in either probability or consequence.

We can support with all aspects of risk management from HAZID/HAZAN assessments, to Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programs through to Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) for specific hazards that require detailed assessment. We have assisted our customers with practical and cost-effective management plans which have always been acceptable to the relevant legislation authority.